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RUTIE STERN's city guide

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my name is Rutie Stern. Hi, nice to meet you

welcome to my city guide web site, Where I share all the treasures I find along the way.

I always find it hard to answer the questions what I do, or who am I,

I'm doing so many different things, jumping from one thing to another. always with great enthusiasm, not always for a long time. every time I answer this questions, the answer is a little bit different.

So today I want to introduce myself first as a singer song-writer. maybe because I want to remind that to myself (there has been a while since my last performance), but also because I realized this is the place I feel most like myself. not especially on the stage, more in the rehearsal room, with my musicians friends. its funny, because I don't feel much of a musician, and still this is the group I feel most like I'm in the right place. YOU CAN HEAR MY MUSIC - HERE

I love to write, to draw, to take photos, to make pottery. I love music and concerts, I love books and art (especially street art). I have my blog, and my instagram , you can follow me also there.

What else can I say about myself?

I have three wonderful daughters, Naama is a photographer, Lior is an artist and filmmaker, and Ollie that sings, and writes and is still looking for her path. I'm a proud lesbian, in a wonderful relationship with Adi, that makes me really happy. together we are wondering around the world (starting with the Uk and Europe). For money I work as a transcriber (only in Hebrew).

I'm a divorcee from a man, it's my past but also a part of my identity. not to mention it just feels wrong.

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